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Flexible Training Plans To fit any lifestyle!


Intro Pack

The FunkFit Intro Pack is a prerequisite course designed to provide you with the assessments and fundamentals needed to transition into one of our programs.


GroupFit Training

GroupFit Total Body Revolution is designed to transform your body in as little as 30 days.


Semi-Private Training

Our Semi-Private Training sessions provide you with goal specific attention and nutritional guidance in a semi-private environment of 2-4 people.



Private Training

For those that prefer One on One training. We use the best training programs to challenge you, but we also incorporate corrective exercises and movement skills to help reduce injuries and improve posture. Great option to the novice or the advanced athlete.


Nutrition Support

Nutrition plays the most important role when it comes to achieving your new lifestyle (about 80% of your goal). Results will be achieved with our proper guidance and real life solutions.


Specialty Programs

Strong & Lean, Sports Tribe, Rev 45, 21 Day Challenge, GolfFit, and FPT (Teen & Kids) are all part of our specialty programs. For 3 to 8 weeks members can get even more specific solutions or extra guidance.



"What gets measured gets improved."

By Jeremy Jones



Ah yes, it is a New Year once again.  In the fitness industry we all know that January brings resolutions, goals, and motivation to all of us.  As fired up as everyone is about his or her new nutrition plan or workout regime, for some reason this excitement dwindles, and before you know it, many people have abandoned the goals that they felt so strongly about.  What are you going to do this year to not be part of that crowd?  How are you going to separate yourself from others and continue on your health and fitness journey all year long?  The answer is simple.  Stay on track this year by committing yourself to regularly scheduled assessments, measurements, and workout appointments.


Robin Sharma says it best, "What gets measured gets improved."  In order to make something better you must first have a baseline or some type of starting ground.  Beginning your year without knowing these vital statistics is like being dropped in the middle of the ocean without knowing what direction to swim.  If you head into your new workout plan or begin your clean and healthy eating plan without first weighing, measuring, and recording your bodyfat percentage, you are setting yourself up for failure.  Without knowing your initial biometrics, you will not be able to measure what changes have occurred during your first month.  The improvements, whether it is weight loss, a smaller waistline, increase in lean body mass, or whatever else your goal(s) might be, are what continue to motivate you on a weekly and monthly basis.  Experiencing consistent success will keep you fired up all year long.


The best way to ensure your regular measurements take place is to have an accountability partner.  This person could be your family member or friend, or even better, your Fitness Coach.   Whoever it might be, commit to each other and help each other succeed this year by keeping regular tabs on your improvements. At Funktional Fitness, our Coaches schedule monthly assessments with their private training clients to evaluate each individual's progress and to make adjustments to his or her plans as necessary.  Our goal is for all of our clients and members to reach his or her goals and to continue to see improvements thru ought the year. 


One of our biggest focuses this year is to schedule regular assessments with our GroupFit members.  We want each of you to feel more confident and even more successful by tracking your monthly progress and establishing monthly goals.  Please sign up today for a complimentary "Measurement and Goal" evaluation so we can help you establish your baseline and stay focused and motivated toward your new year goals.  Click here to schedule yours today.


Holding each other accountable even applies to us as a business.  We appreciate your assessment of Funktional Fitness so that we can continue to better serve you and help you reach your health and fitness goals.  By you taking time to let us know how we can help keep you on track in 2013, you are also ensuring your own success.  Please help us help you by responding to our 2013 survey and being honest about what you feel we can improve on.  We all know, "what gets measured gets improved."  Thank you for taking your time and thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you, be your accountability partner, and to kick your butt on a regular basis! :)


Happy New Year!  Let's all make 2013 our most successful and healthiest year yet!



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