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Flexible Training Plans To fit any lifestyle!


Intro Pack

The FunkFit Intro Pack is a prerequisite course designed to provide you with the assessments and fundamentals needed to transition into one of our programs.


GroupFit Training

GroupFit Total Body Revolution is designed to transform your body in as little as 30 days.


Semi-Private Training

Our Semi-Private Training sessions provide you with goal specific attention and nutritional guidance in a semi-private environment of 2-4 people.



Private Training

For those that prefer One on One training. We use the best training programs to challenge you, but we also incorporate corrective exercises and movement skills to help reduce injuries and improve posture. Great option to the novice or the advanced athlete.


Nutrition Support

Nutrition plays the most important role when it comes to achieving your new lifestyle (about 80% of your goal). Results will be achieved with our proper guidance and real life solutions.


Specialty Programs

Strong & Lean, Sports Tribe, Rev 45, 21 Day Challenge, GolfFit, and FPT (Teen & Kids) are all part of our specialty programs. For 3 to 8 weeks members can get even more specific solutions or extra guidance.


And Then Some

By Jeremy Jones


Many of you have been in a workout with me and heard the ever so popular mantra, “And then some!” right at the end of the workout when you thought you were finished.  But luckily for you, we found that there was still a little bit more in the tank to perform one last caloric burning activity.  Maybe it’s been the whole group burning another 300 calories in just a few short minutes, and maybe it’s been you performing a few more repetitions of your favorite exercise (burpees come to mind!).  Whatever the case, “And then some,” is a simple reminder and gentle encouragement that you can do more, that you can dig deeper, and that you can go above and beyond what you may have thought your limits were.

Since the first day we opened the doors at Funktional Fitness back in 2008, Luis and I have coached our Team, our members, and each other with this mantra and we are extremely grateful for the “And then some” environment that has been created.  Just last week I heard one of our best moments yet when a member shared with me something very special that our First Impressions member and also known as the Smoothie Queen, Melody had done for him.  He had attended an evening GroupFit session and realized later on that he had forgotten his laptop at the studio.  He was in disarray because he was at home at 7:30pm and couldn’t leave because both of his kids were already in bed and there was no one else around to watch them.  When he sat down to work on a project that he needed to complete by the next morning is when he realized he didn’t have his computer and immediately called FunkFit to see if he had left it there.  Melody answered and the member was relieved to know that it was sitting there at the front desk, but there was still the issue of getting it that night so he could work on some things for the next morning’s meeting.  Without even thinking twice about it, Melody told him she would happily bring it to him as soon as she helped close down for the night.  Oh ya, did I mention this member lives about 25-30 minutes away and Melody still had a couple hours of studying to do that night for a test of her own the next day?  That didn’t stop Melody.  She went out of her way to help him so he could be ready for his meeting the following morning.  One of the best things about the whole story was I heard it from our member.  This was something Melody had humbly done.  Talk about “And then some!”

Living by this mantra not only means pushing thru a few extra reps or burning a few more calories, it displays the strong characteristic of discipline and yearning for more.  It gives you the opportunity to expand your horizons, achieve new levels of greatness, and grow both mentally and physically.  The beautiful thing about it is anyone can do it.  Constant practice and adherence to the “And then some” mantra drives you down your path of greatness and toward your desired goals, especially when no one else is watching. 

Mentally decide you can get better, apply yourself, and you have no choice but to get better.  You must believe that you can and you must follow thru by doing what most people don’t…all of it…AND THEN SOME!!