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    We offer Private Coaching (1:1), our roots and foundations!

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Flexible Training Plans To fit any lifestyle!


Intro Pack

The FunkFit Intro Pack is a prerequisite course designed to provide you with the assessments and fundamentals needed to transition into one of our programs.


GroupFit Training

GroupFit Total Body Revolution is designed to transform your body in as little as 30 days.


Semi-Private Training

Our Semi-Private Training sessions provide you with goal specific attention and nutritional guidance in a semi-private environment of 2-4 people.



Private Training

For those that prefer One on One training. We use the best training programs to challenge you, but we also incorporate corrective exercises and movement skills to help reduce injuries and improve posture. Great option to the novice or the advanced athlete.


Nutrition Support

Nutrition plays the most important role when it comes to achieving your new lifestyle (about 80% of your goal). Results will be achieved with our proper guidance and real life solutions.


Specialty Programs

Strong & Lean, Sports Tribe, Rev 45, 21 Day Challenge, GolfFit, and FPT (Teen & Kids) are all part of our specialty programs. For 3 to 8 weeks members can get even more specific solutions or extra guidance.


Why Are We Different Than Crossfit?

by Luis Galindo


People ask us all the time, "Why are you different than CrossFit? My friend has been doing CrossFit and I am thinking of doing it too.” Our response to them is "What is it about CrossFit that you like?” The funny thing is that we always get the same response; "I like the group camaraderie. I like working out with other people and it makes personal training affordable and fun."...well our response is "THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WE DO HERE!"

But what really makes FunkFit different than most CrossFit Studios is the emphasis we put on our Program Design. We focus on training the Executive Athlete that was once very active 5 to 15 years ago, playing sports or working out, but are now fused to a desk because he/she has a family to provide for, or the busy mom/dad taking care of their children and the house who don’t have time to do the active things they once did. The typical executive athlete will have many mobility issues because of their work posture and limitations; therefore we incorporate corrective exercises and movements that will improve that person’s neurological response to movements before any loads are put on their body. Once we bring that awareness and the mobility needed, they will find themselves lifting heavier loads, moving better, and seeing great physical changes in their overall appearance.

We have some people that we know that are great CrossFit Coaches. I think the reason why they are good is simply their EXPERIENCE in the field, or they are former athletes that do lots of skill work, and/or they are coaches that think “outside the box.”  But some CrossFit garage gyms or studios lack the ability to incorporate other movements in their program design. They stick to following the “WOD” (workout of the day) from the main site to save time and money from creating their own programs. I just don't see it fair to a member to give them only 9 main exercises to work on, especially since the majority of the exercises are only linear (forward and backward movements). Nor do I feel it is right to have an individual snatch a barbell when they lack thoracic spine, ankle, or hip mobility because this could cause a lot of stress in the lumbar spine (lower back area).

Ultimately the decision to join a fitness studio is yours, but I admire those that do their research to find the best option for themselves based on their goals and abilities. The choice is yours but your health and mobility should always be a top priority.  #wearenotcrossfit